Asia Hot-tech Battle

Life’s A Pitch #2

Looking at the panorama of Southeast Asia, Internet-related travel, tourism, e-commerce, logistics, gastronomy, property and other areas are the hot areas for venture capital firms to focus on. Now a number of unicorn companies have taken the lead, and successfully harvested the attention of investment institutions. Today, against the backdrop of a global epidemic, entrepreneurial enthusiasm in all sectors of Southeast Asia is showing no signs of declining.


Triip Blockchain Travel, data marketplace. Earn money for future trips by sharing your travel plans today and completing tasks.
Bangku(PT Bangku Teknologi Pemberdaya) Simple business loan marketplace. Helps MSMEs find the perfect loan for their business via a technological SaaS platform. Dubbed the Etsy for food. A social commerce platform for mom and pop food creators to sell at scale.
Recommend Group A trusted marketplace platform providing end-to-end service for homes servicing Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.
E Buy Global(Buyandship) D2c Cross border delivery. A one-stop platform for cross-border fulfillment.
Moodah ID One-stop SaaS enterprise solution for inventory management.
Big Idea Ventures Burda Principal Investments
CoCoon Ignite Ventures Kairous Capital
Lightspeed China Partners Ondine Capital
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