Here in Asia, we’re the first to see the sun rise. We’re the continent with the most people and some of the oldest civilizations in human history.We’re also home to some of the most innovative hardware startups in the world. From “Startup Nation” Israel to high-tech Japan, Asia is a hotspot for exciting hardware, and it’s about time we had our own hardware competition.

China is starting to see innovative hardware across all verticals: wearables, virtual reality, smart transportation, artificial intelligence, and more. And despite headlines of a winter in the Chinese economy, various tech industries in China are continuing to receive generous financing.

The Asia Hardware Battle brings together about 300 business projects and startups from 10 countries and regions, including mainland China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel, Thailand, Singapore and other places. After registration and preliminary selection, 15 teams coming from these countries and regions will be screened out to fight for the championship in the final battle.


  • Online Registration

    From Aug 1st to Sep 1st

  • Preliminary Selection

    From Sep 1st to Sep 4th

  • Preparation

    From Sep 4th to 15th

  • The Final

    Sep 16th


  • Top 3 teams will  get 7 free workstation from UrWork for 6 months.
  • The final 15 teams will all have a free booth of TechCrunch Shanghai 2017.
  • The final 15 teams will have chance to meet the giant in China.
  • The final 15 teams will have exclusive reporting opportunities from TechNode, and from other well-known medias in Asia.
  • One member of the final 15 teams will be invited to attend the final in Shanghai with no cost (includes free round trip air-ticket and free hotel).
  • All the teams from city-pitching will have a free ticket for TechCrunch Shanghai 2017.
  • All the teams from city-pitching will enjoy a 30% discount price for getting 7 free workstation from UrWork for 6 months.
  • All registered teams will enjoy a discount price (8,000 RMB) for a standard booth of TechCrunch Shanghai 2017.

To be continued……

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